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Restriction of liability

The contents of this website are provided(constructed) with the greatest possible care. Nevertheless, the supplier takes over no guarantee for the correctness, completeness and actuality of the provided contents. The use of the contents of the website occurs(takes place) on own danger(risk) of the user. In particular marked contributions(articles) return(state) the opinion of the respective author and not always the opinion of the supplier. With the pure(clean) use of the website of the supplier no contractual relationship comes about between the user and the supplier.

External links

This website contains linkings(ties) to web pages of third(third parties) (“external links”). These web pages are defeated by the liability(adhesion) of the respective operators. As a result(After that) the supplier has checked by the first-time linking(tie) of the external links the foreign(strange) contents whether any(possible) legal offence exists(consists). At the time no legal offence was evident(apparent). The supplier has no influence on the topical(actual) and future creation(shaping) and on the contents of the tied up sides. The putting of external links does not mean that the supplier makes himself Too own behind the reference(link) or link recumbent contents. A constant control of these external links is not reasonable for the supplier without concrete tips to legal offence. Nevertheless, with knowledge of legal offence such(those) external links are immediately extinguished.

Originator(Author) and achievement protection rights

The contents published on this website are defeated by the German originator(author) and achievement protection right. Each of the German originator(author) and achievement protection right admitted utilisation does not need the previous written approval of the supplier or respective legal owner. This is valid(applies) in particular for duplication, treatment(adaptation), translation, line-to-store transfer, processing or reproduction of contents in data banks(bases) or other electronic media and systems. Contents and right third(third parties) are present(involved) as those marked. The unauthorised duplication or passing on of single contents or complete sides is not permitted and punishable. Merely the production(achievement) of copies and downloads for personal, private and not commercial use(employment) is permitted. The representation of this website in foreign(strange) Frames is allowed only with written permission(leave).

Data protection

Information about the access (date, time, looked(considered) side) can be stored by the visit of the website of the supplier. These data(dates) belong not to the personal data(dates), but are made anonymous. They are evaluated exclusively for statistical purposes(targets). A passing on into three parts, for commercial or non-commercial purposes(targets), does not take place.

The supplier expressly points out to the fact that the data transfer can show security gaps on the Internet (e.g., with the communication by e-mail) and be protected not consistently against the access by third(third parties).

The use of the contact data of the imprint to the commercial advertisement(recruitment) is not expressly welcome, unless the supplier had given before his(its) written approval or there is already a business connection. Herewith the supplier and all people called(mentioned) on this website contradict every commercial use and passing on of her(their) data(dates).

Special(Particular) terms of utilisation

As far as special(particular) conditions(terms) on single uses of this website deviate(swerve) from the precalled(prementioned) numbers 1. to 4., it is pointed out at suitable place expressly to it. In this case are valid(apply) in the respective isolated case the special(particular) terms of utilisation.

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