Elastomer couplings

a first-class choice for optimum vibration damping and compensation of slight axial, lateral and angular shaft misalignment.

Elastomer couplings, or claw couplings, are axial plug-in shaft couplings used in vibration and shock-prone applications.

They are easy to assemble, electrically insulating, have good concentricity, are maintenance-free and are low-wear.

An elastomer core serves as a connecting and compensating element between the two high-precision manufactured hubs and is inserted into them positively, with slight preload. This allows torques to be transmitted without backlash, shocks to be absorbed and minor shaft misalignment to be compensated.

The high-quality plastic inserts are available in various shore hardnesses. Depending on the requirements, an elastomer insert with low damping properties is used for low vibrations or light shocks, and an elastomer insert with a high degree of damping is used for strongly vibrating systems or large shocks. This means that different degrees of damping can be achieved with just one type of coupling.

Additionally, finely tuned elastomer couplings can achieve higher rotational speeds.

Products Benefits

Vibration damping

Selecting the correct shore hardness of the elastomer core is essential for optimum vibration damping and torsional stiffness and the protection of your equipment

Pluggable connection

Small installation space or hard-to-reach places in the machine are no longer a problem thanks to our pluggable connections

Zero backlash and concentricity

The preload of the elastomer insert in the coupling hubs ensures freedom from backlash.

Electrically insulating

The electrically insulating plastic of the elastomer inserts suppresses electrical conductivity to prevent machine damage.

Frequently asked questions


For which applications are elastomer couplings suitable?

Claw couplings are used in various areas, for example in printing machines, packaging machines, machine tools, servo drive technology as well as general mechanical engineering.

For which models is a keyway possible?

We offer for all our elastomer couplings a keyway on request.

At what torque do the couplings have to be finely balanced?

From a speed of 10,000 1/min the elastomer couplings must be finely balanced.

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