Balancer couplings

an adjustable and compensating coupling optimal for a wide variety of installation situations and shaft connections

The compensating coupling, also called a spring bar coupling or shaft coupling, is a torsionally stiff coupling that compensates for misalignment of any kind (radial, axial and angular). The one-piece design features a unique slotted structure and is the solution for out-of-alignment or highly resonant installation situations and frequent load changes.

The one-piece design of this torsionally rigid balancer coupling provides unconditional stability at the highest speeds, low rotational inertia and maximum torsional stiffness during dynamic load changes.

Product Benefits

High torques

due to the one-piece design

True-angle power transmission
Offset compensation

due to the slot structure

Good resonance damping

due to the slot packs of the compensating coupling

Absolutely torsionally stiff

enabled by the symmetrical slot structure


due to friction-locked clamping connections

Highly temperature resistance

up to 400°C

Maintenance and wear-free

with proper application

Low inertia

thanks to the production from a single component

Frequently asked questions

For which applications are compensating couplings suitable?

Spring bar couplings are used in conveyor systems, machine tools, precision tools, robot lines, servo drives and special machines.

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