Safety Coupling – Model CTS-5

with clamping hub

  • with clamping hub
  • series 60-300
  • easy mounting
  • compact design
  • backlash free design
  • temperature range -30° to 100°
  • special designs such as sealed versions or stainless steel on request
propertiesunitunit symbol60150200300
360°/60° adjustment range 1 from - to(Nm)TKN10-3020-7040-10080-200
360°/60° adjustment range 2 from - to(Nm)TKN25-8050-15080-200150-250
360°/60° adjustment range 3 from - to(Nm)TKN50-100100-225150-280200-440
360°/60° adjustment range 4 from - to(Nm)TKN250-400
actuation distance *(mm)1,71,92,22,2
overall length(mm)A 66718185
actuation ring Ø(mm)B7493100121,5
inner diameter from Ø-Ø H7(mm)D14-3019-3824-4028-56
pilot diameter h7(mm)E55687582
bolt-hole circle Ø ±0,2(mm)F63788598
flange outs. Ø-0,2(mm)G738899113
thread depth(mm)9101110
approximate weight(kg)11,323

Series 0060-0300 with clamping hub

The actual weight is determined by the size of the fitting (D).

* = Switching distances generally apply to the middle setting range and may slightly deviate downwards or upwards.