Metal bellow couplings

for angularly accurate transmission of rotary movements and high positioning accuracy

Metal bellows couplings are high-precision, backlash-free, torsionally stiff shaft couplings which enable a torsionally rigid, but somewhat offset axial and angular connection of two shafts and are used in indirect drives. The special shape of the bellow guarantees high torsional stiffness.

The bellows are made of highly elastic stainless steel and are available with flange connection, clamping hubs or conical hubs with conical bushings. The connection of the coupling to the machine shaft is thus friction-locked.

Product Benefits

High operational reliability

This is made possible by the compensation of axial, radial and lateral shaft offset, avoiding damage to drive machines.

Torsional strength

Special Shape of the bellows guarantees precise torque transmission

Zero backlash

Ensured by friction- locked clamping connections

Resistant to wear and maintenance-free

When used properly and accurately, our couplings are maintenance-free and resistant to wear

Compensation of misalignments

The flexible metal bellows enables axis- and angle-offset connection of two shafts and thus compensates for misalignments

High clamping forces

These are achieved by the friction-locked connection of coupling and shaft by means of conical bushings or clamping hubs

Small installation space and low rotational inertia

The compact design is also suitable for applications with limited installation space and achieves a low rotational inertia

Indirect drive models

Frequently asked questions

For which applications are metal bellow couplings suitable?

Metal bellows couplings are ideally suited for direct drives such as in servo drives. They are used in machine tools, test stands, packaging machines, and manufacturing and automation technology.

Are the couplings available in different lengths?

We offer our customers a choice of two bellows lengths for some series in order to be able to optimally adapt the product to the requirements of the installation space.

What special solutions are available?

We are happy to offer our smaller couplings in welded or fine-balanced versions for an additional charge. If you need further special solutions, please contact us directly.

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